Topic for June – Joint Pain

Are you waking up stiff every morning? Do you dread even trying to get out of bed? Are there days where you just want to throw in the towel and cry?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, your arthritis is impacting your quality of life. It is making it hard for you to function normally on a daily basis.

What should or can you do? Don’t lose hope. There are so many things within your control that you can do each and every day.

Mindset work, mantras, affirmations, meditation.

Starting your day with a warm shower or bath to reduce your stiffness.

Taking care of early morning tasks the evening before as much as possible.

This will help make your mornings flow a bit easier and give you more time to gently get your body moving and feeling better.

Do some gentle stretches even before getting out of bed. If you need to, take a warm bath (with Epsom salts to soak!) or shower to reduce stiffness and then move into some gentle stretches or yoga. Go to my Facebook group to check out a video from Angela Glaz on a great yoga routine!

Always pace yourself. You know your body best and how it feels from day to day. As always, stay in contact with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners.

If you are struggling, I would love to help you. Contact me to set up a time to talk and tackle an issue you are facing!

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